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We have been producing packaging and marketing green and yellow kiwifruit around the world since 1965.

Producers : Henri Pedelucq, the founder of SIKIG, planted the first European commercial kiwifruit orchards in 1965.
During the 1960’s, Pedelucq developed several hectares of kiwi plantations throughout the Pays de l'Andour region with help from Henri Soyez, a friend from college who studied with Pedelucq at the National Agronomic Institute Paris-Grigon.

45 years later, this area has proved to be the best production site in Europe.
Producers in this part of south-west France farm plots of land averaging around 2 ha each. This manageable size allows producers to spend time in their orchards and ensure that client or quality standard specifications are being met. Some of these standards include: PGI (Protected Geographical Identification), Red Label, Global Gap and Agriculture Biologique (Organic Farming); standards that require more pruning, thinning, monitoring and recording of operations than for any other kiwifruit in the world.

Packager: SIKIG’s packaging plants are spread over more than 1 ha and can package more than 450 tonnes of goods per 35-hour workweek, which increases reactivity and response time to purchase orders. Our goal is to double our packaging capacity by moving over to shiftwork.

Distributor: SIKIG has been operating in the European market since 1972. Over the past few years, we have concentrated our efforts on the Asian markets.

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