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Our region

The region enjoys a temperate and humid climate, thanks to its geographical situation between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic. Its location allows us to harvest later, giving the fruit time to reach maturity.

  • Winters are relatively mild but cold enough to allow the plant to have a sufficient winter rest period
  • Early frosts and excessively high summer temperatures are rare
  • Rainfall and humidity levels are ideal and moderate winds maintain good air circulation in the orchards, reducing the risk of disease
  • The late autumn frosts allow us to pick the fruit later than anywhere else in Europe, which guarantees a larger amount of dry matter, producing a distinctive, sweeter taste

Rich in organic matter, the typical soil composition in the Adour Bassin acts as a natural filter that goes deep into the earth. The soil is course-textured (good for aeration) with little or no chalk (fertile alluvial soils on the hillsides and in the valleys). The humus here encourages high levels of micronutrients and minerals in quantities that satisfy the demands for high quality fruit production.


These characteristics mainly contribute to the organoleptic qualities of the fruit (firm flesh, juiciness, and soft texture).

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