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Lean management

brings together techniques aiming to eliminate all activities without added value. "Lean" means cutting out the excess. Lean management is thus a management technique entirely concentrated on reducing loss generated within an organisation in order to improve production and optimising profitability. Lean management, beside being a set of methods, relies heavily on human factors. It implies that employees work with an attitude focused on reducing waste and loss (of time, material, money, etc.). An efficient application of these principles requires the right kind of motivation and behaviour.

These are the main goals of Lean management :

  • reduce production cycle time
  • reduce stock
  • increase productivity
  • optimise quality


Who are the stakeholders ?

Some of the parties involved : employees, the Government, local and regional authorities, suppliers, customers, local resident associations, consumers, banks, insurance companies, unions, professional organisations...
In farming cooperatives, co-op members and employees are essential stakeholders.

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