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Social and societal

Taking Stakeholders into Consideration

Sustainable Development extends the company’s responsibility to all of its stakeholders. Taking their expectations into consideration thus becomes an essential part of company policy and strategy development.
A triple aim :

  • allow your company to grow while evaluating its performance,
  • monitor stakeholder satisfaction to assess the relevance of each of their expectations with regards to company practices,
  • reinforce customer and consumer trust.


Encouraging employment



SIKIG spends x % of its gross wage bill on training.
CACES Training (internal training programmes) : traceability, sorting...

80 % of SIKIG's workforce are seasonal employees, often with few qualifications. The company seeks to train its seasonal workers, so they can perform a variety of different tasks within their fields of competence, in the hope they will come back and work for us year after year. Permanent staff members personally train seasonal workers who are divided into job-based groups. Company information leaflets are also distributed (company policies, maps, a company structure flowchart, quality assurance policies...). At the end of each season, the company invites most seasonal workers for a one-to-one talk where they can discuss their work and plans for the following season.

SIKIG works along side the Local Mission for hiring seasonal workers. The return rate for seasonal workers is over 50 %.


Employee Health and Safety

Worksite traffic flows, work-related MSDs.
In 2007, an ergonomist was brought in to help reorganise workstations (e.g. work at sorting tables...).
In 2010, teams were asked to help rewrite an important Health and Safety document (unique at the time) -> Health and Safety group reinitiated in 2010.
EHS training for permanent staff.


Our local community involvement

donation for the restoration of the SAINT JEAN BAPTISTE Abbey mosaics in Sorde (Landes). Our support allowed this small community to access the funds required for the restoration. Moreover, the renovation also benefited local tourism, which in turn benefited our producers because many of them also own gites,

  • sponsoring Sports Associations : Peyrehorade Rugby Club, Pelote Basque, cycling,
  • solidarity between North and South : 3rd year of support for the AMIDALA association in Niger that trains mostly young Nigerian women for a number of different jobs in order to help them gain more independence. The company funded the construction of a vocational school.


Inter-professional commitment

J. Pvice, president of BIK (Inter-professional Bureau for Kiwifruit)
SIKIG representatives and producers are also members of local, national and international affiliations in order to defend the interests of kiwifruit-growers.
Founding member of the Association for Promoting Kiwifruit in the Adour Region (PGI, Red Label).

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